If you are ready to reduce, downsize and SIMPLIFY your home, I am here to help…

I will not only do it for you but afterwards I will teach you some simple systems to maintain and keep order among your precious things.

Organised spices by Simplify

I can help you get organised in:

  • your kitchen
  • your wardrobes
  • your linen closet
  • your laundry
  • your documents and office in general

I am mindful of kids – teenagers and how difficult it is for them to stay organised, so my systems for them are kept quite simple.

Organised laundry by Simplify

I just love organising and setting order and simplicity to my home and in fact to our lifestyle as a family.

Organised linen closet by SimplifyPlease contact me if you are ready…

My fees are very simple, I will charge you $35 per hour no matter what the job is, I will actually use my own homemade cleaning products to clean inside drawers, wardrobes and cupboards. The only extra money you will pay is if you want me to change your storage boxes and containers.

Meet Julia

Julia Toral at SimplifyAs a yoga and meditation instructor I am very passionate about the practice and it is something that I bring to my organising and decluttering service, as you may know, yoga is about creating space. Think about your breath, without the exhalation (creating space) there’s no room for the next breath… Even our bodies teach us… Plus, I find it quite a great mindfulness practice as I go about a room and create more space.

As Feng Shui would say, ‘get rid of the old, make room for the new’, create space for change… create space for new…

I can help you decide which things belong in your home and which ones you can let go… you’ll feel lighter

'You've changed the perspective to declutter and making it a beautiful experience and helped to attain a meaningful order at home , would love to learn more tips from you ! Thanks a ton'
Stay at Home Mum
' Thank you so much for all your help this year with organising our house, our belongings and our life. I cannot believe how much of a difference it has made finally being organised and being able to find everything and feel proud of our house. You made the process so easy Julia and I have been raving about you to our friends. '
Executive and Mum