about my yoga...

I have been teaching yoga and meditation for many years, I have to thank my guru, Swami Shantanada (Mataji) for teaching me the deeper meaning of yoga, which has now become not only an important part of my life, but my lifestyle. I have also completed my power yoga teacher training under Duncan Peak.

I have an established meditation practise that has helped me understand the thread of not just my mind but of minds in general and now I feel compelled to share my experience with other people, people like you who have no idea where to start and how to go about it.

I am a Senior member of the Yoga Teacher Association of Australia and of the Association of Teachers of Meditation of Australia as a Personal Development and Spiritual Guide, and I also have a background in Pedagogy and Psychiatry which has led me to understand the threads of our busy mind.

I have my own yoga studio in Doncaster, it opened its doors in 2010 and we now established a beautiful community of yogis in the Manningham area.

To find out more about the studio, you can visit it at 



“Well, you are a gem. In a world full of stress and demand people come to you to find something that lacks into their lives. You provide a forum and with your lovely personality create a bridge that leads people to that better place...”
Milo Roganovic
“For some “me time”? A power flow yoga class at Yoga for Life. It’s a boutique studio, which means the classes aren’t packed and you can really escape into the peace of the hour.”
Alexia Petsinis
The Weekly interview 23/09/2016
“…you are the one who is making our journey special in mentally , physically and spiritually, it is very pleasurable coming to your classes and hopefully many more to come, thank you for guiding and teaching us…”
Filiz Kacar
“Julia's positive and caring nature always leaves me emotionally balanced. The reward at the end of each lesson, shavasana (relaxation) which I especially look forward to”
Denise K.
“Julia;s class is challenging and rewarding, varied and always beautiful. The best yoga teacher I have had. Always leave the class feeling better in body, mind and soul”
Helen Gherghetta
“Julia has made a huge impact on my yoga experience for the last four years, even through back pain and other health problems. Classes are varied and always seem to be just what I need”
Carol Nichol
“Yoga is the best exercise for me. You’ve helped me calm my mind, strengthen my body and stretch my muscles. Thanks for providing such a welcoming, peaceful environment”
Jennifer Sheahan

Julia's workshops

“Thought provoking and just what I needed in my life. I got so much out of it; I loved it”
Kathy Evans
“Excellent!! Julia is an amazing teacher. You can’t help but get caught up in her passion. She offered so much practical advise. I will definitely keep practising meditation.”
Virginia Bilbos
“Julia’s soothing voice brings you to a special place, a place of peace and calm”
Albert Gerosolimo

Julia's Retreats

I think the best indication of a wonderful break is when you go back to work and your daily routine and you still feel relaxed. I do!! I can’t believe how great I feel. The meditation skills must be paying off. Thank you to you Julia!The retreat was a combination of an excellent program, a wonderful environment and not having to worry about the day to day chores of life. Thrown in too were the awesome massages, great food and the dilemma of which swimming pool to use or which location to relax and read. What more could you want? Please do it again.’
Melanie Couyant
I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to come along to the workshop – it was the most incredible week in every way – unbelievably beautiful setting, great food, fabulous company and of course the meditation and yoga workshops which I loved! Namaste’
Anna Burguess